Essence of Pattern

“Each new movement pattern, either discovered exploratively or given by the teacher, may be determined by a large number of details. However, a small number of essential details may already be sufficient to recognize the essence and thus the applicability of the pattern in question.”

Yochanan Rywerant, Acquiring the Feldenkrais Profession

This rule by Moshé Feldenkrais’ congenial disciple Yochanan Rywerant, who managed to organize the Feldenkrais Method into lucid and compact manuals, can`t be overestimated in its value.

It is perfectly applicable in the work with the actor if you are not content with a solely “see what happens” mode of working.

It can be used

  1. for extracting the acting-related behavioural patterns of the individual actor in every phase of artistically specific or general development as the basis for further work
  2.  for extracting the patterns of the play.
  3. for formulating the patterns of the intended outcome in all frames of resolution.
  4. for comprehensible and time efficient communication of tasks.

You don`t have somebody draw a square by dictating him where the next point is to be set.