The 3,50 Question

“Did you find that good?” is something I commonly ask my students if they have seen an improvised scene performed by some of their peers.

“Yes.” is the most common answer.

“So, would you pay 3 Euro 50 for it?” is the next question I ask.

“Hell no, never.” is the most common answer.

“How much would you be willing to pay?” Now they usually start laughing. 10 cents, 20 cents are the most common answers.

“Well, then you didn`t find it good.”

There should be a professional evaluation standard in those who serve as the audience during acting class. Translating value into monetary value is a practical tool here.

Find good ≙ want to have ≙ willing to pay ≙ artistic criteria (simple ones, “the criteria of the audience”, based on taste)


“Find good” ≙ not want to have ≙ unwilling to pay ≙ only social criteria and artistic cowardice