The Key to the Swimming Pool

There has been a lot of disillusionment about learning during the last fifty years and it should be clear that even with the most advanced learning methods it will never be possible to make every child a concert pianist. Sad enough, but on the other side: What would we do with all these pianists anyway?

But there is this one thing I often observed during my teaching: That people during their learning happen to capitulate in front of one, only one obstacle, which they don`t know how to deal with. As this one obstacle has somehow to be passed to continue their way of learning and as they themselves lack the means to pass it, they would depend on a teacher to help them. If the teacher can`t help them, it is often jugded as if they were not able to learn everything that would come after the obstacle. But, in fact, nobody knows. Even a good problem solver will not solve every problem. And I have seen many people struggling with some elementary things and then, after having mastered the obstacle, being quite able to continue their learning path without close-meshed support.

It is as if somebody jugded you to have no talent for swimming, just because you were never able to find the key to the swimming pool.